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EzTicketapp gives you the ability to charge our fee to the customer. You will collect EzTicketApp's fee during the transaction, meaning EzTicketApp is free!
A base fee is $1.35
You have the option to not charge a processing fee during the transaction to cover our fee or just part of the fee during the transaction if you choose.
Yes, we can work with you to adjust the base fee.
No, there is no subscription fee.
No, there is no setup fee.
No, there is no monthly minimum.
No, there is no credit card required to setup. If you give us a credit card to put on file to collect our fees we can offer a discount on the transaction fee. Based on volume of sales we will charge the card weekly or monthly.
EzTicketApp does not collect your payments for you. We suggest signing up for a payment gateway service like Stripe or Tranzpay. If this is not an option we have a settlement company we can work with on your behalf to come up with an agreement.
No you do not. If you gave us a card to charge your account will be credited on the next billing cycle.
Yes, if you have a free tour or a free ticket, EzTicketApp will not charge any fee for it. We only charge a fee when you make money.